Pack Stations

About our Pack Stations

PioneerIWS™ Pack Stations are designed to meet the needs of today’s busy shipping departments. Fulfillment and dropship demands continue to increase and being able to efficiently prepare and package products is a must. Durable work surfaces that easily adapt and adjust to not just different applications, but heights and personal preferences will make your stations more comfortable and your employees more productive.


Durable Pack Stations


Every component is built to last. Pack Stations are variations of our Flexturs® and Gridlok™ product lines and easily support hundreds-of-pounds while allowing you to organize and store the tools you need, at the right height and within arm’s reach.
Versatile Pack Stations


The modular nature of our PioneerIWS system gives you the flexibility to build a solution that’s just right for you. And since all of our parts and accessories are interchangeable, you can easily adapt any workspace when your needs change.
Simple Pack Stations


The strength of the PioneerIWS systems is their simplicity. There’s no complicated assembly required, and our patent-pending, laser-cut design gives you the perfect fit, every time.