About Gridlok™

Gridlok™ Wall Mount Systems are designed to mount to almost any surface. These panels work great when combined with Flexturs® in many industrial applications. They also work well in retail environments and any application where floor space is limited. They’re idea along outside walls, or between windows, even in offices.


Durable Metal Panels


Make flimsy, composite pegboards and weak, wobbly hooks a thing of the past. With Gridlok, you get tough metal panels precision-cut from 14-gauge steel that can easily hold up to 50 lbs. on a single industrial hook.  And, unlike most pegboards, our patent-pending design keeps your hooks and shelving securely in place each time you remove a tool.

Simple PioneerIWS System


The strength of the PioneerIWS™ system lies in its simplicity. There’s no complicated assembly required, and our patent-pending, laser-cut design gives you the perfect fit, every time.
Affordable Gridlok Panels


Whether you’re a retailer, manufacturer, or shop owner, Gridlok panels are a cost-effective solution for your workflow, storage and organizational needs.
Gridlok Panel & Hooks

Gridlok Panels & Hooks

  • All Gridlok panels are cut from 14-gauge steel and powder coated
  • Gridlok Wall Mount Panels are available 2 size configurations:
    • 7.0 square foot; set of 2) 16” x 32“
    • 3.5 square foot; set of 2) 32” X 8“
    • Sets includes two panels per box with 20 assorted hooks: 1”, 3“, 6” standard and 4” tool cradles
  • Hook and Slot design is patent pending
  • Hooks have tremendous weight capacity, stability, and are black zinc coated
  • Hooks easily support up to 50 lbs. on a single industrial hook*
  • Shelves are capable of holding 400 lbs.

Warranty is void for any use exceeding recommended weight capacity, including any non-static/shock load. Weight ratings were established on an evenly distributed static load with a safety factor of 2.0. Individual hook weight ratings vary while all shelves have a 400lbs. capacity.