About Flexturs®

Take your work with you, using Flexturs®. When combined with our Gridlok™ panels and accessories, Flexturs can be transformed into mobile workstations, toolboxes, rolling shelves, finishing carts, packaging stations, retail displays and so much more.


Mobile Flexturs system


With heavy-duty casters and a solid steel construction, our Flexturs system lets you take your work with you. We understand the value of assembling, moving, and storing products safely and efficiently and Flexturs provide the flexibility you need.
Versatile Flexturs system


The modular nature of our PioneerIWS™ system gives you the flexibility to build a solution that’s just right for you. And since all of our parts and accessories are interchangeable, you can easily adapt any workspace when your needs change. Flexturs can also be fastened together to create carts up to 6-feet long, that still easily fit through a standard door.
Durable Flexturs System


Flexturs carts feature a heavy-duty construction that easily adapts. Each Cart begins with a standard 32” w x 34” d base on lockable casters and two 73” h vertical posts (78-1/4” overall height). From there you decide what configuration and accessories best fit your application. We have five basic configurations, or starting points, from there you are only limited by your own imagination.

Five Standard Flexturs Configurations

Four standard Flexturs Configurations

  • Workflow Companion
  • Workstation
  • Rolling Shelf
  • Retail Cart

Carts are capable of holding 900 lbs.