Custom Manufacturing

Do you have a part, product or challenge in your manufacturing process?
Need greater capacity, faster turn times, or a connection to skilled labor?

A history of delivering innovative, quality products and elite customer service.
For over 40 years our core business had been the fabrication of agricultural equipment. Today, PioneerIWS® (Industrial Workflow Solutions) offers workflow solutions developed out of our 15 year LEAN journey, including Gridok™ and Flexturs® products, LEAN Training, Workflow Management Systems and Custom Manufacturing.

Over the years we added equipment that enhanced the capabilities of our already highly skilled and dedicated team. Word about or team’s ability spread quickly, and we began to offer Custom Manufacturing Solutions at the request of others. We are able to provide Custom Manufacturing Solutions that reduce or eliminate points of stress throughout the production process. We’ve successfully reduced headaches, reduced lead times, and seamlessly interfaced into established workflows for our customers.

A highly skilled and dedicated workforce.
With over forty years of manufacturing experience we realize our team – our people, are the key to our success. Our people are highly skilled, cross-trained, motivated, and dedicated. Working toward a common goal and each other. This is a rare commodity in industry today, and we know how hard it can be to assemble such a team. By partnering with PioneerIWS for your Custom Manufacturing needs you’ll gain the benefits of having a team like ours. We can provide the scalability, and flexibility you need to make your project a success.

Quality is cliché.
Quality is often overused when companies talk about themselves or the products they make. There are different perceptions of what is “quality” and what is “acceptable.” Quality of a product. Quality of a process. Quality of the team behind the process. And, the quality of the service you receive. All are paramount. We’d prefer not to write about it, but rather show you our interpretation, and we’d greatly value any opportunity to do so.

Five day turns and on-time fulfillment, every time.
Five days turns on almost any laser cut parts. Need it faster than that? We can talk. From the request for quote, to shipping product, our lead times are among the best in the industry. Aside from that, we are experienced with on time, not “just in the nick of time” fulfillment. We seamlessly interface with your established workflow, providing the parts, or assemblies you need, exactly when, where and how you need them. Using your trucks or our advanced logistics, you can count on PioneerIWS.

You might assume turn-around times and fulfillment like this comes at a premium? Not true. Custom Manufacturing from PioneerIWS can be a cost-effective solution to your problem. Whether you’re looking for a manufacturer to partner with, or simply need to outsource a few problem products or processes, you can’t afford to be without a solution.

Value Engineering – Only when you need it.
If you simply need someone to manufacture and eliminate a headache, we get it. We can do that. However, if you would like our team to look at a project as a whole, we can do that too. When someone says “value engineering” what do you think of? Often people tend to think cost reductions, cutting back, or a reduction in quality. That is not how we think of “value engineering.” We first want to gain a clear understanding of your goals, and analyze the cost to benefit ratio in all aspects of the project. Only then can we make suggestions for alternate manufacturing methods, designs, or materials that improve the value of the project. All with an understanding that improving the value of your project is not solely based on, or limited to, cutting costs.

People, Processes & Tools
If you are looking for a specific solution be sure to call as we continue to invest in our equipment and our people.

Our People
• Highly skilled
• Cross-trained
• Motivated
• Dedicated

3D Digital Design & Engineering
• Trained to think outside the box

Laser Cutting
2500-Watt laser (5 x 10 Table)
• Up to ¾ Mild Steel

248 T x 13-foot x 5 Axis CNC Press Brake
• Segmented tooling for box bending
• Step Forming

Robotic & Manual Welding
• Mig Welding & Tig Welding
• Stainless
• Aluminum
• Mild Steel

Painting & Powder Coating

Logistics & Packaging
• Barcoding
• Boxing
• Crating
• Freight Management

Complete EDI Capability

Industries Served
• Agriculture
• Lawn & Garden
• Hotel & Commercial Furniture
• Retail Displays
• Industrial Shelving & Racking
• Oil & Gas
• Building Products
• Construction Equipment
• Fitness Equipment
• COVID Response

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