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Manufacturing innovative products for 40 years

Pioneer® has a 40-year history of delivering innovative, quality products and elite customer service. While our core business has been the design and fabrication of agricultural equipment, Pioneer’s Industrial Workflow Solutions were developed out of a need in our own production facilities. Short-run fabrication, whether in agriculture or as a custom provider is where we operate day in and day out.

This environment forced us to adapt LEAN principles, and our shop reflects our 5S training at every turn. However, as we began to implement these principles, we couldn’t find a support system that was simple and versatile, yet durable and affordable. So we created our own.

Visual display systems that were available could not meet our diverse visual display needs, or our weight requirements and often failed. Like many other shops, if we needed a workbench, workstation, or cart for a specific task, we made one. Then things inevitably change, and the cart becomes obsolete. There had to be a better way.

These frustrations drove our team to develop a better way. A better set of tools. Today, we’ve seen firsthand how our PioneerIWS™ system has improved the workflow, storage, and organization of our business and the impact it has made on other businesses by meeting and exceeding their needs in countless different and ever-evolving capacities.

Our Vision

To build an organization that inspires people and communities to preserve our Anabaptist heritage, practice faithful land stewardship and encourage ingenuity.

About PioneerIWS

PioneerIWS was started in 2018, with encouragement from LEAN consultants and others who’d witnessed PioneerIWS concepts at work in our facility. PioneerIWS, or Pioneer Industrial Workflow Solutions, continues to grow by adding new products and by opening doors and solving similar challenges in new markets. We are meeting a demand for quality products that can help individuals and companies achieve their LEAN and 5S goals. From the most advanced and disciplined LEAN organizations, to individuals who just want to be more organized, save time, or save steps, we can help. Our simple, easy to understand, easy to implement systems will help you reach those goals.

Our Mission

To honor God, build strong relationships and practice faithful stewardship.

To help people develop in a safe, Christian environment.

To maintain a strong commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence throughout the organization.